Tenant Improvement Contractor San Diego

Small changes can make a big impact. This is especially true for a place of business. While sometimes a new building is needed, other times you may just need a wall moved or flooring changed out. Kaminskiy Commercial Construction proudly provides our clients the best tenant improvement services in San Diego. We can handle everything from complete rebuilds to minor wall repairs. Give your business a fresh look. Contact our experts today to get our award-winning design team started on your tenant improvement project! 

Our Tenant Improvement Services

Our construction services can tackle a wide range of changes and updates to our client’s buildings and workspaces, including: 

  • Demolition or installation of interior walls and partitions
  • Flooring replacement, including carpet, hardwood and laminate options
  • Ceiling repair and replacement, including dropped or exposed ceiling options
  • Interior window replacement or installation, including side lights
  • Painting or repainting
  • Electrical and plumbing upgrades or replacement
  • HVAC repair, replacement or removal
  • Fire protection additions
  • Disability compliance upgrades or additions
  • Preliminary construction bids
  • Inspections 

What are Tenant Improvements? 

Tenant improvements, sometimes referred to as leasehold improvements, are interior updates, repairs and customizations made to a commercial rental space. Tenants with spaces in need of improvement can include offices, retail stores, warehouses, factories, restaurants and more. 

Tenant improvements can range from minor repairs and replacements to major build and design changes. Moving into a new office space may simply require partitions moved, or walls replaced. However, a restaurant occupying an empty building could require an entire kitchen area installation, including equipment. 

Tenant improvements can have a huge impact on your business. Poor layouts can impact productivity with time wasted moving around the building. Old, worn-out coverings and carpet can create a negative work experience for your employees. Bare walls that could be showcasing your business branding can make prospective customers turn around and walk out the door. 

When Do I Need a Tenant Improvement Contractor? 

Are you a business owner moving into a new location and you need changes made to your commercial rental space in San Diego? 

Maybe you are the building owner and you’re looking to hire a construction management company to make those changes? 

In either case, you will need the services of a tenant improvement contractor such as Kaminskiy Commercial Construction.

Tenant improvements are typically made prior to a business moving into the building. The last thing anyone wants is to impact a client’s business while you are working. 

San Diego Tenant Improvement Contractor

How Much Do Tenant Improvements Cost? 

At Kaminskiy Commercial Construction, we take pride in providing our clients with quick and efficient service with excellent results all across San Diego. However, the scope of the needs determine exactly how much work is required. The longer and more complex a project is, the more it will cost. 

As a rough estimate, empty shell-type spaces need the most work. While having a fresh canvas to work with is enticing, it takes time to fill in the blanks.

Previously-occupied spaces usually require  less time and effort. Changing one retail store into another rarely takes much time. Minor improvements such as partition movements may only take a few days. Of course, major revamps will drive up the time and costs, such as changing a warehouse into a nightclub. 

Who Pays for Tenant Improvements?

Depending on your lease agreement, costs may be covered by the landlord in part or fully. This “tenant allowance” is usually negotiated up front between the landlord and tenant prior to signing the lease.

At Kaminskiy Commercial Construction, we advise that you always understand just how much tenant improvements will cost before you sign a lease. The extent of repairs, replacements and rebuilds can range dramatically from building to building. You don’t want to sign a lease agreement thinking you saved a ton of money, only to have to spend a small fortune on improvements. 

To help with this, Kaminskiy Commercial Construction offers preliminary construction bids and inspections. Walk into your next lease negotiation confident of the true costs you will face. 

Having a workspace with the right layout, equipment, and branding is critical in the highly-competitive San Diego commercial management area. Kaminskiy Commercial Construction has years of experience. We take the needs of the tenant seriously and make sure the work is done on-time and on-budget. Contact us today to get the tenant improvements you need to succeed!