San Diego Dental Office Construction

Building a new dental office is a significant investment that must be managed correctly from the beginning. At Kaminskiy Commercial Construction, we have the experience and knowledge to make the design-build process as quick and painless as possible. We pride ourselves on keeping the projects we work on consistently on schedule and on-budget.

Kaminskiy owes its success to our satisfied clients. We are committed to providing incredible service from the initial design consultation all the way through to final stages of construction. Hiring Kaminskiy is a one-stop shop. We have experts who are able to take care of every step of the process. You won’t need to stress with our professional team of commercial construction experts.


  • Design-Build Construction from Concept to Completion.
  • Full Dental Office Design Projects
  • Dental office layout design
  • Full Service Remodeling
  • Minor Remodeling
  • Planning and Preparation Guidance
  • Budget Preparation
  • Materials and Methods Evaluation
  • Scheduling
  • Subcontractor Selection and Bidding
  • Federal, California, and City Code Compliance
  • Permit Processing
  • Dental Office Tenant Improvement

Dental Office Design Differences

Every construction project is unique. While every project needs to follow certain laws and guidelines, the details should still fit into the vision you have for your business. Going into the process, you need to know what style of practice you’re going for. The workspaces of a pediatric dentist and an orthodontist will look very different and need different things. Keep this in mind throughout the design process.

Kaminskiy Commercial Construction understands each kind of office has different needs. the People of all different ages want to keep their teeth healthy and looking bright. Whatever age range or niche you want to fill, you should have the materials and design of it reflect your patients. Our team has knowledge to build whatever your practice requires.

Dental Office Construction

Building Services

The construction of dental buildings isn’t a simple project. Your practice’s needs are unique and should be treated as such. Kaminskiy Commercial Construction understands this. Our expert team of designers and contractors are able to perform a wide range of projects.

Our team has expertise and years of experience in projects including, but not limited to:

  • Full Design Projects

When your practice has specific needs that general spaces can’t offer, the best option is to hire a building contractor to take care of the construction of your new space. Kaminskiy keeps you in the loop through the entire process. We have knowledge and attention to detail needed for this kind of project.

  • Tenant Improvement

Kaminskiy offers tenant improvement projects for whatever improvement you need. Finding the exact space you need in a rental is near impossible. Our team can build in and alter the space to make it feel more like your own. You don’t need to work around pre-built walls. We can make the space you work in feel like your own.

  • Minor Remodeling

Focusing on small improvements to specific rooms is a great way to tailor the office to your needs when budget is limited. Reworking only one or two rooms will be less expensive than building your own building or even a full remodel of your office. This project is a perfect starting point for a new dental practice.

  • Full Service Remodeling

Did you just move into a space that doesn’t have all the equipment you need? Why not remodel and add everything you need to successfully run your practice? Remodeling a space is a perfect way to create the space your office needs while not costing anywhere near as much as building your own space. Remodeling will allow for the same customization that building your own gives you, but at a lower cost.

Kaminskiy’s process is thorough. We have the ability to manage every part of your office remodel, no matter the project. We start with a design consultation, where we go over your budget and the goals you have for this project. After that, we take care of the rest of the process, from getting the proper paperwork and permits filed with the city to budget preparation and materials and methods evaluation. Our team has the skills to complete whatever services your project needs done.

Proper Equipment

Modern medical and dental offices require careful planning and precision to handle all the different areas and machinery you’ll eventually use as part of your practice. We have the expertise and experience to create a place of work built efficiently for all your specific tools.

As technology continues to advance in the dental field, new technologies are constantly being introduced. We know how to build a better building ready for all the latest technological developments, from established x-ray machines to state-of-the-art 3D printing set-ups.

Dental offices are more than a place to get your teeth cleaned. You need room to work, break rooms, waiting room for your patients, and plenty of space for your front desk employees. At Kaminskiy Commercial Construction, we can design and build whatever extra rooms you need. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Front desks that are comfortable and spacious for your employees. This space should be built with computers in mind.
  • Waiting rooms that are warm and inviting for your patients.
  • Recovery rooms that leave your patients feeling relaxed as they rest after a surgery.
  • Consultation and meeting rooms for you to meet with patients or groups to discuss what procedures they need.
  • Break rooms for your employees to comfortably rest in between clients.
  • Room for your X-Ray machine.
  • Space for clients who need teeth cleaning.

California Code Enforcement

Navigating California’s demanding codes for medical and dental offices is a complex and confusing maze. Often, this can be too much for just one contractor to manage. Kaminskiy’s team takes pride in our thorough knowledge of the codes and laws your medical office needs before and after it’s built.

Teams with less experience may not know the specific measurements needed for important rooms in a dental office, such as the specific amount of knee space under a desk. Kaminskiy’s contracting team has deep knowledge of the codes these projects needs to follow. Trust us to follow the laws and get the permits your new space will require.

Keeping Your Project On Track

Your dental construction project needs a team with thorough knowledge of the codes and laws, as well as one that will keep your project on schedule and underbudget. Kaminskiy’s team of experts is able to accomplish all of this. Contact us today and begin the process towards your new space!