Healthcare Building Construction In San Diego

At Kaminskiy Commercial Construction, we understand the importance of quality, state-of-the-art design, and construction for a modern medical center, dental office, biotech campus, or laboratories. Over the years, the requirements and guidelines for medical buildings have grown in complexity. Our team consists of experts who already know the ins and outs of healthcare construction.

Our team also offers inspired designs for a patient-friendly environment or laboratories for science centers. We provide you with complete, turnkey construction and take care of any permits needed.

Medical Offices

Whether you need a new San Diego medical office building or to renovate your current offices to meet modern standards, Kaminskiy has you covered. We pride ourselves on our attention to all details, big or small, that these projects require. Putting up a few simple walls isn’t always enough for your medical group. You need break rooms, waiting areas, and specialty rooms tailored to your practice.

We take care of all the necessary permits, codes, and laws your building needs while capturing what you want for your office. The specifics of the design process are complex. Our team can handle it for you.

Dental Office Building In San Diego

Dental Offices

Dental office construction requires proper management from day one. Our team has the knowledge and experience to make the building process as painless as possible. We can handle both the construction of new facilities and the full remodeling of old buildings.

It can be difficult to include every bit of technology you need in a preexisting office. Kaminskiy can design your building to accommodate the latest dental technologies so that you can give your patients the attention they need.

The dental offices we build and remodel can be targeted toward the clientele you want to attract. Running a practice for kids under 18? We can design your office with bright colors and child-friendly imagery to make your office more welcoming for your target demographic.

Biotech Construction

Kaminskiy Commercial Construction is the leading authority in San Diego biotech construction. We have the practice and knowledge to get your building finished on time and on budget. Our team also has the proper training and knowledge to build laboratories compliant with guidelines set by the city, county, and state. We take pride in the work that we’ve brought to San Diego. We have the knowledge to accommodate any biotech research your team needs to do. From medical to industrial biotechnology, we know the requirements.

Start Your Construction Project Today

The team at Kaminskiy Commercial Construction has an extremely thorough knowledge of the California codes medical buildings and offices need to follow. New healthcare buildings are often more complex and are held to higher standards than other buildings.

Contractors with less experience will overlook a lot of the details your building needs. Our experienced contractors manage every detail and measurement that your building will need to follow so that you don’t have to worry about it. You can rest assured your new medical offices will meet your requirements.

Whether you need to renovate your existing medical offices or a completely new healthcare facility, Kaminskiy Commercial Construction has got you covered. Contact us today to start your project!