Industrial Construction in San Diego, CA

Here’s something you may not have known about us: Kaminskiy Commercial Construction doesn’t just deal with commercial stores and other small buildings in the San Diego area. 

Sometimes a few thousand square feet just isn’t enough space. If your business needs extra room, we are ready and waiting to help you go BIG. Our industrial construction services deal primarily with factory, manufacturing and warehouse development. We can provide you with the latest innovations and designs for a place to build and store your product. 

Wide Range Of Construction Services

Kaminskiy Commercial Construction offers a wide range of industrial construction services for every step of the design-build process: 

  • Building design and construction, from start to finish
  • Build outs of factory and warehouse spaces 
  • Renovations of existing buildings and facilities
  • Special treatment for renovations of still-occupied facilities
  • Heavy machinery and full-scale manufacturing line installation 
  • Structural support system installation
  • Scaffolding placement, internal or external
  • Pipe and plumbing installation 
  • Monitoring equipment installation
  • Material design, including concrete and metal

What is Industrial Construction? 

Industrial construction broadly refers to the creation of large commercial facilities. Kaminskiy Commercial Construction are experienced in the creation of  factories and warehouses for our  business clients. We can help with everything from manufacturing factories churning out  company’s products to colossal warehouses that store goods. 


Kaminskiy Commercial Construction proudly provides the latest innovative techniques and technologies for industrial construction services. The construction world is constantly creating new and improved materials and processes to aid with industrial construction. Our team is always up-to-date on these innovations and inventions. 

For example, material design is one area we excel in. From metal to concrete and scratch-built to prefabrication, Kaminskiy Commercial Construction has experience with a wide range of materials and designs. Your warehouse or factory will be on the cutting edge, giving your company an advantage against the cutthroat competition in California.

Commercial Construction Innovatoin

Government Oversite 

A major difference between smaller builds and major industrial construction is the ever-watchful eye of government officials. Such enormous buildings often mean increased interaction with San Diego, California, and federal regulations. Kaminskiy Commercial Construction handles much of this hassle for our clients. We can ensure that your next warehouse or factory design-build project doesn’t get derailed by fire safety regulations and environmental hazards.


“Going green” is an important step for any company. Doing so with manufacturing and warehouse construction is even more helpful. Kaminskiy Commercial Construction utilizes the latest improvements and inventive techniques to create the most efficient buildings possible. Our construction services not only save time and money, but the environment as well. We all want to keep California clean! 

Your San Diego industrial warehouse or factory won’t build itself! Contact us today to get Kaminskiy Commercial Construction working for you!