San Diego Medical Office Construction and Remodeling

Building medical offices can be a complex and confusing process. Your building must meet a long list of requirements so that patients are safe and assured of the best service. Storage closets, operating rooms, waiting areas, recovery areas, and offices have individual requirements that must be met.

The nurses and doctors who work in the building also need break rooms that don’t interfere with the rest of the workspace’s flow. This doesn’t even include the style and design of the office building that sets it apart from other projects.

Researching the necessary laws for this type of healthcare building takes years. Kaminskiy Commercial Construction has a professional team of experienced and knowledgeable contractors who know the required codes and laws for medical building construction.

Our team can handle any project, from renovating an old medical space to building a completely new structure. KCC works with you to make sure your medical office construction project goes as smoothly as possible. We make sure it meets the state’s standards while still serving your medical office needs.


We work with you on medical office design and construction projects of all shapes and sizes. If you need help starting the project from scratch or simply finishing renovations, we can help. Our services include: 

  • Help with every step of the design-build process
  • Full medical office design
  • Construction needs from start to finish
  • Remodeling and renovations
  • Rearranging examination rooms
  • Tenant improvement
  • Single or multiple locations
  • New construction services for medical centers & life sciences
  • Planning and preparation guidance
  • Budget preparation
  • Materials and Methods Evaluation
  • Scheduling
  • Subcontractor selection and bidding
  • Federal, California, and city code compliance
  • Permit applications and approvals


The requirements for large-scale hospitals have grown increasingly complex. Over the past few years, more laws and new standards have been set for hospital management. It isn’t easy to keep up, especially if you’re working on other projects. Instead of keeping up with it yourself, hire a contractor with expertise and knowledge in hospital design and construction.

An important thing to consider during the construction process is having an up-to-date and patient-friendly hospital. Ensure you have plenty of storage for necessary medical supplies near patients’ rooms. You should also make space in patients’ rooms for amenities like TV, with enough outlets to power the large amounts of technology nurses and doctors will need to read a patient’s vitals.

KCC has experience building structures of all varieties, including hospitals and other medical buildings. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your project gets built on schedule and within budget.


You won’t always require a new building for your medical services. You might need to bring your older building up to modern standards or reconfigure an existing space. Remodeling medical spaces requires just as much care and attention during the process as a new construction.

Kaminskiy Commercial Construction can remodel, modernize, and rejuvenate your medical offices for you. Tear out the old and outdated and start over with a new, fresh workspace.

Technology And Computers

In the last decade, the technology boom has led to the expectation that medical commercial real estate should have the same level of technology.

New equipment is especially necessary for taking care of your patients. Keeping track of important patient information is also done digitally.

We make sure we include anything you and your patients need for all your medical needs.

Every room should have the necessary space for a computer and Wi-Fi connection so that keeping track of patient records during appointments is easy and not an annoying mess that you need to pay someone to keep track of.

Medical Office Construction Company


An important thing to keep in mind throughout the design process is the design of your medical office building, both interior and exterior. The design and feel of your medical office tell patients a lot about your practice.

Do you want a clean tile design for your hospital? Or do you want a more colorful and fun design for your pediatric office? When designing the building, however, it’s essential to know what you wish your care center to look like before the commercial construction project begins.  

Our expert team of construction professionals keeps your goals, wants, and needs in mind throughout the design and construction process. We can ensure the medical offices you need are properly built while keeping the design at the heart of what we build. You have a vision for your project, and that vision deserves to be considered.

California Code Enforcement

California is one of the most demanding states for code compliance in all aspects of new construction, and new medical office building construction is even more complex than the rest. Navigating such rigorous requirements can be too much for some contractors to handle.

Our team takes pride in our deep knowledge of the demands OSHPD 3 medical buildings require. Less experienced teams may not know that examination and treatment rooms require different square footage. They may not know that there are specific measurements for details as small as the knee space under a desk. Trust the team at Kaminskiy Commercial Construction to know. 

Keeping Your Goals On Track

Kaminskiy Commercial Construction has years of experience understanding the unique challenges of medical construction projects. Whatever your needs may be, from large-scale hospital construction to the renovation of an old space, the professionals here at KCC have you covered. We can even take care of any office expansions you might need.

Our team makes sure to keep your project on track, on time, and within your budget. From partial to full construction, installation of new offices, exam rooms, waiting rooms, partitions, general purpose rooms, lighting fixtures, and new flooring, Kaminskiy Commercial Construction has you covered.

Contact our office today to get started on your new medical building project. Schedule a Free Consultation by filling out the form below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of medical office construction projects does Kaminskiy Commercial Construction specialize in?

Kaminskiy Commercial Construction specializes in a wide range of medical office construction projects, including new construction of medical centers and life sciences buildings, renovations and remodeling of existing medical spaces, tenant improvements, and technology upgrades. We handle projects for both single and multiple locations.

How does Kaminskiy ensure compliance with medical building codes and regulations?

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in adhering to federal, California, and city code compliance for medical buildings. We are well-versed in the specific requirements of OSHPD 3 medical buildings and ensure that every aspect of construction, from room dimensions to technological installations, meets the stringent standards set by California.

Can Kaminskiy handle both new construction and renovation of medical offices?

Yes, Kaminskiy is equipped to manage both new construction projects and renovations of existing medical facilities. Whether you need to build a new hospital or modernize an old medical office, our team can handle every aspect of the project, ensuring it meets modern standards and your specific needs.

What considerations does Kaminskiy take into account during the medical office design process?

During the design process, we focus on both the functional and aesthetic aspects of medical office buildings. This includes considering the specific needs of different types of medical practices, such as pediatric offices or hospitals, and incorporating elements that reflect the practice’s vision and patient care philosophy.

How does Kaminskiy Commercial Construction incorporate technology into medical office construction?

Recognizing the importance of technology in modern healthcare, we ensure that every medical office we construct or renovate is equipped with the necessary infrastructure for advanced medical equipment, computer systems, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows for efficient patient record management and supports the latest medical technologies.

What makes Kaminskiy Commercial Construction stand out in medical office construction in San Diego?

Kaminskiy Commercial Construction stands out due to our deep understanding of the unique challenges in medical construction, our commitment to staying on schedule and within budget, and our ability to handle a wide range of projects from large-scale hospital construction to small office renovations. Our expertise in code compliance and our focus on meeting the specific goals and visions of our clients make us a preferred choice in San Diego.

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