Metal Buildings

Metal and Steel Buildings in San Diego, CA

Metal and steel buildings should be your first choice when you’re shopping around for building types.  Their superior internal support and exterior cladding guarantee long-term use and low maintenance. Thanks to their low-cost components and energy-saving insulation, it is no wonder that metal buildings has risen in popularity over the last decade.

Construction of a metal building is far easier to manage compared to other types of buildings—Wood, brick, and cement. Kaminskiy Commercial Construction will assist you in the planning phase so you can understand the scope of the project.

We go over important factors, such as the size of the steel building, your budget, the location, and your ideal layout. Our professional and experienced staff will help you avoid any mistakes or surprises when constructing your steel building.

Metal Buildings Benefits vs Other Materials

There are varying advantages and disadvantages to each building material. Some materials last longer or have a lower cost. With steel, there are more pros than cons when you’re comparing steel to other building materials, like wood, cement, and brick.

Metal Building Builder & Contractor in San Diego, CA

Steel vs. Wood

When we’re looking at cost, wood is typically much less expensive than steel. It takes less effort to produce, it’s extremely durable, and it’s easily customizable to suit your design needs. However, if you look at the long-term costs, wood ends up being more expensive than steel. That’s because of factors such as rotting wood, termites, or inconsistent wood quality.

Even if the wood is good quality, it still loses its durability over time. For commercial use, wood requires an annual checkup to ensure that there aren’t any problems. Furthermore, instead of arriving precut, construction workers often receive the raw lumber on site and must size, cut, and drill holes for electrical work. They then have to frame it themselves, adding in more labor costs.

Prefabricated steel, on the other hand, is designed to withstand any bad weather or natural disaster that might come its way. If there’s a fire, steel will maintain its integral structure. When it rains or snows, there’s no possibility of warping because steel doesn’t absorb water like wood does.

Steel is designed before it arrives on site, so it makes for quicker turnaround times than wood. Steel building erection typically takes from a few weeks to a couple of months. This saves on labor costs and makes metal building construction cost worth it for the long term. Steel has quickly become the go-to frame material in recent years due to how inexpensive, sustainable, and reliable it has proven to be.

Steel vs. Concrete

Similar to wood, concrete’s construction cost differs from steel. It also takes more time, skill, and materials to create it. Due to concrete’s brittleness, it is prone to cracking, chipping, or corroding. It is usually made up of sand, gravel, cement, and chemicals, which can also make it extraordinarily fragile under duress. This is because its fragility is based on differing weather conditions. For example, concrete absorbs water from rainstorms and expands and shrinks during temperature changes, lessening its durability.

Should concrete need repairs, it will take more time and skill than a steel reparation requires. The reason concrete construction takes so long is because the material must be poured onsite and dry before contractors can proceed. It also requires more laborers to manage it correctly, thereby increasing labor costs.

Steel building material is far more sustainable and allows for extensive designs, such as different shapes and patterns, without worry of collapse. While steel building installers typically require different skills than contractors working with concrete, the buildings are built quicker, making up for the labor costs.

Overall, metal buildings have far more benefits than concrete and wood in cost-effectiveness, stability, and durability. Metal buildings have low maintenance, bring long-term savings, and provide great insultation. Another benefit is that it only takes 2-90 days to construct a steel building, compared to 1-6 months for other types.

Types of Metal Buildings

Commercial Metal & Steel Building Construction

The versatility of metal allows steel building builders to construct a variety of buildings. This is due to it being lightweight, strong, and stable. This also means it does not require support pews to keep it from collapsing. Not to mention, they are bug and mold resistant so there is no need to worry about the framework every year. The maintenance cost of metal buildings is extremely low and rarely requires repairs. Should one need to be done, it would be below the cost of a similar repair with a wood or concrete building.

The metal buildings we can erect are:

  • Storage—Valuable assets require optimal security. Our storage units are built with strength and versatility to shelter what you hold dear
  • Offices—built for safety and durability, the offices we build function to house hardworking employees
  • Agriculture-Buildings such as barns, farmhouses, stables, dairy storage, and seed dealerships
  • Garages—Ability to customize garages near your workspace featuring clear span framing
  • Carports—Provide top-down protection with our industrial car ports. You won’t have to worry about rain or hail hitting your precious vehicles.
  • Transportation houses
  • Airplane hangars—protect your private planes from the harsh sun with our wide span hangars
  • Sheds—used for any purpose, store important vehicles, products or heavy machinery
  • Warehouses—every warehouse is different. We customize warehouses according to your needs so you can manufacture, package, and increase productivity tenfold!

Kaminskiy Commercial Construction provides the best steel buildings in Southern California. Our quality metals surpass the expectations of those we work with. Our energy saving and environmentally aware methods cut the cost of your business expenses in the long run.

Each of our metal buildings are unique to each client and we guarantee your satisfaction. Call us today and receive the best customer service. We won’t disappoint.