Restaurant Construction & Remodel in San Diego, CA

At Kaminskiy Commercial Construction, we have over ten years of experience building some of the finest properties in San Diego. A five-star restaurant demands a five-star building. We understand that the restaurant sector is one of the most hyper-competitive commercial areas today. To rise above the rest, you must incorporate the latest innovations, technologies, techniques and tricks in your building design. We have what it takes to help make your customer’s dining experience exceptional; handling everything from minor improvements to major projects. 


We proudly provide a wide range of commercial construction services to our restaurant clients, including:

  • Help with every step of the design-build process
    • Full restaurant design
    • Full restaurant construction
    • Restaurant remodeling
    • Restaurant renovation
    • Tenant improvements
  • Planning and preparation guidance
    • Budget preparation
    • Materials and methods evaluation
    • Scheduling
  • State and city code compliance
  • Accessibility compliance 
  • Fire Department and the Industrial Waste Bureau permit approval
  • Conditional use permit approval


If there is one word to describe the dining world, it is diversity. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all experiences many commercial buildings provide. Customers crave new opportunities when they eat out. At Kaminskiy Commercial Construction, we specialize in providing unique, inviting and exciting locations for all our restaurant construction clients. 

From mom-and-pop shops to giant chains, our projects come in all different shapes and sizes. We are right at home working on any size store. Whether you are a cozy hole-in-the-wall shop or a colossal Michelin Star mega-store, we know all about the specific needs of our clients. 

Likewise, we carefully craft our buildings to suit the individual style of your business. From the kitchen to the cutlery, every detail makes a difference. We know the sometimes subtle, but always important, differences between designing a humble hamburger hut and a sleek and sophisticated steakhouse that other contractors miss. 


The high-intensity, ever-evolving eatery realm requires deep knowledge of today’s trends and technologies. Slight improvements in efficiency and small savings on the budget can have a powerful, profitable impact. Being on the cutting-edge is just as important in constructing your restaurant as it is to running it. 

The team at Kaminskiy Commercial Construction constantly innovates in all aspects of commercial construction, but especially so for restaurants. When we recommend a layout or install your high-quality kitchen equipment, we do so with backed by hundreds of hours of research and experience. Your business place will be optimized for the highest levels of efficiency, profitability, and customer appeal. 


You may know that “going green” can save you green in the long run. It can also make you green in time, too. Diner demand for more environmentally-friendly businesses continues to grow, especially here in California. Being a part of this movement isn’t just about saving the world. It is also a great way to set yourself apart from other restaurants in your space. 

As such, we make sure to go green in as many areas as possible when we build your restaurant. When you open your doors, you can be proud to say that your kitchen cares. Customers care even more and will be sure to stop by. 

At Kaminskiy Commercial Construction, we build better. Better for the environment. Better for controlling costs. Better for bringing in new customers. Better for your bottom line. Let’s start cooking up your dream kitchen together. Contact us today for all your San Diego restaurant construction needs!